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For the past few years, Innovate Solutions & Integrated Services INC. has assisted many organizations in the health care industry with service compliance, development, evaluation, review, and training programs. Providing opportunities to develop skills and workforce.


  • Promote adherence to applicable Federal and State laws and healthcare requirements.
  • Prevent, detect and respond to business conduct, that is inconsistent with federal and state laws and with an organization’s values.
  • Planing, implementation
  • Establishing coordination and creation of issues reported through proper channels


  • Innovate Solutions Integrated Services INC. is dedicated to helping the community to serve as leaders for corporate compliance activities.
  • Be an extraordinary team, committed to excellence, unafraid to challenge conventional wisdom, through standards and procedures in the program that are reasonably capable of reducing the occurrence of criminal conduct.
  • Creation and coordination of adequate news media for compliance problems
  • Develop communications for correct compliance of the company.


  • Innovate Solutions & Integrated Services INC. is dedicated to the care values: integrity, teamwork, innovation, commitment to personal development, and to the code of business conduct.

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